Ordrupsgaard Museum and Finn Juhl’s house

This really was a pilgrimage into what felt like the Danish countryside but was well worth it. I am unsure of how this site came together because there is a very odd mix of styles at play but the overall effect is very pleasing indeed: there’s the original neo-classical mansion, the 2000s era Zaha Hadid-designed modernist extension and then Finn Juhl’s modernist house. All I can say is that Finn Juhl had impeccable taste. The house is a one-storey but multi-levelled dwelling with a glass porch separating the two wings of the house. Particularly impressive is the look-through when standing in the lounge. The house is filled with loads of beautiful built-in furniture and free-standing pieces, which are now well known as design classics. The artwork, particularly the portrait hanging in the lounge, is a stunning collection of mid-century paintings. The whole effect is just very inspiring.

Ordrupsgaard Museum:

Finn Juhl’s house:

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