New homewares

Latest additions:

  1. Placemats – Marimekko from Skandium
  2. Uten.silo – Vitra from Haus London (WARNING: attaching this to the wall poses an unexpected level of challenge)
  3. Cushions – Hay (yellow), Donna Wilson (fox face) and Marimekko from Skandium (red spots)
  4. Orange Varier chair – kindly donated by XT


  1. Grey cross blanket – Pia Wallen from Haus London (it’s a total rip-off and is a bit scratchy to the touch but I just love it)
  2. Mirror – Normann Copenhagen
  3. Componibili unit – Blue Sun Tree (I’d get the £50 “replica” over the £100+ genuine article from Kartel – they’re exactly the same)
  4. Marble-topped tulip table – Blue Sun Tree for the replica or Vitra from TwentyTwentyOne for the genuine article (I think it may soon be time to replace my rather chipped IKEA Docksta dining table with the table that “inspired” it)

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