Judy’s vintage furniture fair

This event pops up semi-regularly in slightly shabby town halls across London. Sometimes billed as a flea market and at other times a vintage furniture fair, the reasonable but not dirt cheap prices and greater emphasis on actual furniture over random pieces of toot (though there is a lot of this as well) means that vintage furniture fair is a more accurate description of this event.

The various traders specialise in pieces from the 1950s-1970s, offering up a decent number of coffee tables, occasional furniture, lamps and sideboards from the period. There is a slight overabundance of stuff in that orangey-red teak colour that’s a little too kitschy for my liking but there are plenty of other things I’ve seen at these events that would work in a contemporary interior. I’ve only bought small bits of toot (albeit nice bits of toot) from Judy’s to date but I hold out hope that I’m going to find (and manage to get home) an incredible vintage piece of furniture at a bargain price at some point.

Some haggling is tolerated but I suspect this is because the vendors have marked up the prices in advance to account for this. I would recommend arriving for the 10am start time, doing a quick circuit of the shabby town hall (including the stage) and then placing a deposit on any items that catch your eye, especially if it’s furniture. Most of the decent stuff has been bought or reserved by about 10.30am, if not earlier.



Purchases to date:


  1. Danish bear (or is a rat?) wooden bottle opener (£7)
  2. Wooden Dala horse (£10)
  3. Homepride Fred (functionless but pleasing) (£10)
  4. 1950s wooden magazine rack (£30)
  5. 1960s mirror (£30)
  6. Danish wooden bull (£12)

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