Ling’s Coppice, Dulwich SE23

Ling’s Coppice, Dulwich SE23
1960s terraced house with atrium
Architect: Austin Vernon and Partners
Year built: 1968

We didn’t end up making an offer on that beautifully renovated but expensive house in Ling’s Coppice but we liked the development enough to come back to view this slightly less striking but cheaper example.


This was fundamentally the same house as the one we saw last time except this one had the original layout (unconverted garage, kitchen and living room accessed by separate doors, 4 bedrooms with a small bathroom upstairs) intact. Unfortunately, the original warm air heating system was intact as well.


Decor wise, the house was relatively neutral if a bit bland with all of the mid century features that characterise these houses slightly camouflaged under layers of off-white paint, beige carpets and 80s/90s-looking additions and renovations.


The asking price was pretty fair – it wouldn’t have taken too much work to restore the house to its best – but we saw another property on the same day which turned our heads (more on that soon). As far as I’m aware, the house is still on the market.




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