House in Great Brownings for rent

A very familiar looking house recently popped up on the rental section of the Modernist Estates website.


Though identical to our house in terms of layout and facade (grey slate and all), this house appears to have almost all of its original features intact, giving it a slightly more vintage feel than ours.


It’s not a total time capsule though – while the owners have preserved things like the original patio doors (much nicer than our uPVC screens), wooden interior doors, entry porch, bathroom suite and possibly the original kitchen cabinets(?), they’ve gotten rid of the less desirable original features like the dividing wall with serving hatch between kitchen and dining room and the hot (and dry) air heating system.


The owners have decorated in an authentically mid century style (I’ve always liked that retro shade of green they’ve chosen for the carpet in the living room) but have used just enough modern stuff to avoid the retro pastiche look. Unlike us, they appear to have kept on top of the garden, which is a lot neater and more luscious than ours.


The professionally taken photos make the photos that I’ve taken of our house look decidedly amateurish in comparison. I think it’s probably time for me to get a new camera.


The house is available to rent for £2,500 per month via Modernist Estates. Given that we live in a pretty similar house on the same estate, I can predict with confidence that whoever ends up renting this house will be very happy there.

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