Highpoint, London N6

North Hill, N6
Grade I listed Modernist apartment blocks
Architect: Lubetkin & Tecton

A spectacular modernist apartment block split into two wings (luxurious and even more luxurious). To give an idea of scale, both wings are approximately the same size but whilst the ‘luxurious side’ houses 60 flats, the ‘even more luxurious side’ houses 12. That said, the ‘luxurious side’ flats are still extremely attractive with some interesting features such as as the original wall-to-wall concertina living room windows. A quick look on themodernhouse.net suggests that a two-bed on the ‘poor side’ is worth around £850,000. I really wouldn’t like to imagine how much the split-level, double-height, 4-bedroom behemoth on the ‘rich side’ (pictured below) is worth…

The gardens are extensive, perfectly manicured and contain a secluded swimming pool and tennis courts. I wouldn’t expect anything less for £15,000 pa in maintenance fees (figure courtesy of themodernhouse.net)…

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