Modernist Pilgrimage


As a longtime admirer (and daily visitor) of the excellent blogs, and, I’ve decided to start my own blog to document the visits I’ve made to various modernist properties through the years and my amateur attempts at recreating the modernist/mid century look at home.

A few disclaimers:

  • I am only in possession of an iPhone camera at the moment so the quality of my photos will range from acceptable to downright poor.
  • I have absolutely no original interior design ideas of my own – if something I’ve done in my home looks familiar, it’s probably because I’ve stolen the idea from something I’ve seen on doorsixteen or manhattan-nest. I am also a complete cheapskate and am definitely not above buying cheap knock-off mid century furniture (though my objective is to replace all of my knock-offs with genuine articles one day in the distant future) so if something looks like a knock-off, it probably is.
  • All photos of other people’s properties were taken on Open House tours or at properties preserved as museums. I have tried to obtain the explicit consent from property owners in relation to being featured on this blog but where this has not been possible, I have assumed a degree of implied consent (on the basis that the property owners have kindly permitted the taking of photographs within their homes). I will of course take down any posts/photos if I receive any objections.
  • I do not come from an architecture or design background and do not profess to be an expert on either. My observations are therefore likely to be less than illuminating from an educational perspective and are more likely to be along the lines of “Isn’t this layout/window/cork flooring interesting? I’d quite like to live here!

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