London sample sales summer 2015

SCP Warehouse Sale

This was far less frenetic than last year’s scrum but the decreased level of interest was perhaps down to the slightly inferior quality of goods on offer. There were fewer “big name” items than last year and a lot of the furniture appeared to consist of rusty vintage junk that SCP had used as accessory props in a recent tradeshow. There were some treasures to be extracted from the junk pile, however: I managed to scout out a large Componibili unit (I’ve always wanted one), some pendant lighting (for which I probably won’t find any use), a String sliding cabinet unit in birch (the collection of random String items in my cupboard is slowly coming together!) and a nice metal and wood clothes hook.


Vitra Flash Sale

Vitra sample sales used to be the stuff of legend. Great items coupled with ridiculously low prices caused bargain hunters to take leave of their senses, camping outside the Clerkenwell showroom for days (and nights) in advance and then literally elbowing and punching one another to secure the best items when the doors finally did open. Perhaps as a direct response to this sort of behaviour, this year’s sample sale was a low-key, three day affair involving a meagre selection of items that had clearly failed to sell in the quantities that Vitra had envisaged (that ugly green plastic Vegetal chair was distinctly overrepresented). Prices were not sufficiently enticing for me to buy anything.

IMG_3386IMG_3391 (1)vitra2

TwentyTwentyOne Warehouse Sale

The venue and setup of this warehouse sale, consisting of a spacious warehouse space and small stalls in the courtyard outside, made for a far more civilised shopping experience than the SCP Warehouse Sale. There was a great mixture of furniture, lighting and nice-but-pointless design accessories for sale.  Discounts were decent, causing me to dash around like a greed-crazed monster, sweeping up everything and anything that I liked into the wicker baskets provided.  Much to my embarrassment, this behaviour (coupled with the fact I was the first in the queue), did not go unnoticed by the organisers.

2021IMG_3516IMG_3521 copy

Final Haul

I realise that ornamental wooden birds are somewhat overrepresented in the selection of items below.

sample sale

  1. Crosscut coat hooks, Faudet-Harrison for SCP
  2. Large Componibili stackable drawer unit, Artek at SCP
  3. Rotary tray, Vitra at TwentyTwentyOne
  4. String side panel, String at TwentyTwentyOne
  5. Peg board, Block for TwentyTwentyOne
  6. Flowing Rhythm mobile, Flensted at TwentyTwentyOne
  7. L’Oiseau wooden bird, Aram
  8. Eames House Bird, Eames at TwentyTwentyOne
  9. Lunar bathroom range, Lunar Authentics range at TwentyTwentyOne
  10. String sliding cabinet unit, String at SCP
  11. Rhinoceros eraser, Kikkerland Design for TwentyTwentyOne
  12. Wooden birds, Jacob Pugh at TwentyTwentyOne

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