Goodbye to The Firs

After several years of looking for a proper mid-century property (first a flat as a single person and then a house as half of a couple) and documenting the process on this blog, we finally completed a purchase on a mid-century house last week. The house and modernist estate that we ended up choosing is a matter for a whole other blog entry and the renovation job will provide me with material for a whole series of blog entries (which I will need given that I won’t have any more flop viewings of unsuitable properties to write about).

In the meantime, if anyone is looking (or knows anyone who is looking) to rent a nice, vaguely mid-century two-bedroom flat in an Greater London postcode, let me know. It’s been a really great place to live over the past five years (quiet, well maintained block, nice neighbours, leafy street, close to the station) and has never caused me any problems. It will also be significantly less cluttered/more spacious once I’ve moved all of my tat to the new house.


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